Kevin Tan
Lab Manager/Research Assistant

Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Psychology
Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition

Office: Baker Hall 434 | 5000 Forbes Avenue | Pittsburgh, PA 15213
E-mail: kevmtan [at] gmail [dot] com
Links: ResearchGate | Google Scholar | Github

Curriculum Vitae (April 2016)


Broadly, my research interests center around internalized, self-generated cognition vis-à-vis the default-mode network. What cognitive and computational properties tie the numerous and often disparate tasks that recruit DMN? What is the mutuality between spontaneous and deliberative internal cognition? Can pre-trial spontaneous neural dynamics predict specific dimensions in social inference, such as affect during theory of mind? I'm also interested in social and affective perception, particularly their interaction with internal, self-generated processes.

As an undergrad, I worked with Greg Siegle (University of Pittsburgh/UPMC) in studying depression-associated conjunctions of the default-mode, cognitive control, and affective resting-state networks (fMRI) before and after behavioral or serotonergic interventions.

Conference Presentations

K.A.M. Tan, M.J. Tarr. (2016, April). Valence-related visual encoding is dependent on valence strength prior to frontal affective processing. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Social and Affective Neuroscience Society, New York City, USA. [Poster PDF]


Kevin's EEGLAB Pipeline. Code and guide for ICA-based EEG pre-processing and source localization. Guide includes detailed algorithmic and theoretical description. Also goes over installation, setup, and analytic strategies for the resulting data.