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viscog = behrmann lab + plaut lab + tarr lab (june 2013)

w e l c o m e

our lab, of late, is interested in:

  • recognition invariance across viewing conditions such as pose, illumination, scale, configuration, motion
  • explicating intermediate and high-level compositional features for vision
  • acquisition of and plasticity within categorical organization of ventral-temporal cortex
  • connectivity / interactions between visual processing and other systems

we use a variety of methods:

  • behavioral psychophysics - including computer graphics-based stimuli
  • functional MRI - including GLM, MVPA and real-time imaging
  • diffusion-weighted imaging and High Density Fiber Tracking (HDFT)
  • computational modeling - including models drawn from machine vision

n e w s

participate in research
june 2015 - Mike is a movie star (not!) See the trailer here: Fastball.
aug 2014 - CMU launches BrainHub. wesa pg trib
july 2014 - welcome to our new RA, Kevin Tan
may 2014 - Daniel, Eva, and Yang all get hooded
apr 2014 - congrats to lab RA, Carol Jew, on entering the PhD Program in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Rochester this coming fall
nov 2013 - WIRED on our collaborator, Abhinav Gupta's, work on NEIL (which we are using in our research)
aug 2013 - congratulations to yang xu on successfully defending his phd!
aug 2013 - welcome to juliet shafto and tina liu (psychology)
aug 2013 - congratulations to heiða maría sigurðardóttir on successfully defending her phd!
july 2013 - congratulations to daniel leeds on successfully defending his phd!
may 2013 - congratulations to lindsay victoria on successfully defending her phd!
may 2013 - announcing the fribble prize! publish a peer-reviewed paper using any of our fribbles, let us know, and receive a real-live 3D printed fribble

c o n t a c t

carnegie mellon university | center for the neural basis of cognition | psychology | sibr
perceptual expertise network | temporal dynamics of learning center

tarrlab AT gmail DOT com | 412.268.4000 | 4400 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15213